How To Work a Greenmarket

This is a nice little video of Alice Water from “Chez Panisse” shopping at the 14th street Greenmarket in New York City. In case you’ve been living on another planet “Chez Panisse” is a legendary restaurant in Berkeley California that’s famous for cooking the freshest locally grown ingredients in delicious ways. You might think everyone does that, to which i answer…they were already doing it back when Jello was still considered fine cooking in America, they were pioneers.

This video is a must see if you are an aspiring chef or a serious foodie who likes to wander around Greenmarkets. If you are a Private Chef like me chances are you’re already sick and tired to spend your life in markets so i won’t mention you.

Alice Water explains how she selects what she want to cook that day in a very interesting way, her process is similar to a walking meditation which is definetly not recommended for everyone… last time i tried i hit a pole.

I have great respect for people who are so passionate about what they do, listening to her talking about fresh produce is poetry. So she might well be from California, but she’s cool! okay?!

I wish i could talk to these tomatoes too!