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Braised Lamb Shanks w/Soft polenta & Vegetable Stir-Fry

After cooking a delicious meal for family and friends putting your heart and soul into every little details you often find yourself sitting at the table satisfied with what you have created but not wanting to eat any of it. It seems like the sight, the smell and the touch of food has also the […]


‘Inoteca’ Truffled Egg Toast

Simple things are often the best so when i need to make myself really happy this is what i go for. Imagine a thick slice of bread with an egg in the middle topped with italian fontina and toasted until the cheese melts but the egg yolk remains runny. The egg toast is then drizzled […]


No-Knead Bread Taking Over the World

A year ago, the New York Times published a no-knead bread recipe that challenged the belief that bread is difficult to make. In fact, the recipe was so easy a 6 years old could make it. The word spread out like wildfire across the blogosphere and soon everyone in America was producing amazing rustic bread […]