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Tropical Fruits & Prawns Salad with Black Pepper-Vanilla Bean Vinaigrette

First of all, i would like to thank everyone who has already submitted their entry for the Vanilla Bean Sampler Giveaway. All i can say is that you’re a bunch of talented people and i’m VERY impressed by your creativity, i’m going to scratch my head real hard next week-end to figure out who’s the […]


Braised Beef with Horseradish

Come cold weather, i find nothing more satisfying than slow cooked foods and take my word for it, there aren’t that many things – vegetable or animal – that won’t benefit from a slow simmering soak in some aromatic liquid, myself included. If there was some decadent spa treatment consisting in immersing oneself in melted […]


Coffee-Cardamon Pots de Creme

After cruising the voluptuous sea of Champagne bubbles and hanging around mermaids for a few days (medically speaking i’m referring to hangover hallucinations) i took the ‘caffeine expressway’ back to reality thanks to a delicious recipe by my old boss Daniel Boulud. Recipe you can find in Cafe Boulud Cookbook.The inspiration for these pots de […]


Under the Spell of Champagne Bubbles

My head hurts. Champagne bubbles are such cowardly little creatures with a mind of their own. So inviting at first, they glitter like the sun’s reflection on the ocean right before sunset irresistibly pulling you to them with their mermaid’s charm. And put you in a giggly mood they will but beware, the little bastards […]