Tagging Frenzy

I’ve been tagged, pressured and tortured by Jack over at Redacted Recipes to reveal 5 weird/random anecdotes about myself. Well Jack, if ‘weird’ is the theme it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch! haha. The rules are as follow: link to my tagger (done) and tag 5 fellow bloggers at the end of this post (we’ll get to that later).

Here’s a patchwork of some my weirdest moments:
  1. When living in a 10th floor walk-up in Paris, one of my hobby was to organize rooftop barbecues outside my window. My grilled chicken wings were so good – students from faraway rooftop civilizations would regularly pay visit. I had to call it quit the day i got a big fine. Merde alors!
  2. The first week i moved to New York i got busted by NYPD undercover cops for jumping the subway turnstiles on 42nd street. Spent the rest of the day in jail and got sentenced to a day of community service. Sacrebleu! Paying for a subway fare is so un-French!
  3. At age 22, i moved to Hawaii with a friend. I had $500 in my pocket and a surf board. I worked a variety of small jobs until becoming a full-time beach bum. Highlights of my Hawaiian stay range from being chased by a Vietnamese street gang in Honolulu to going to a fantastic luau.
  4. During a trip to Aspen Colorado with big bossman, i learned the hard way that cherry tomatoes become weapons of mass destruction at high altitude. I took a bite during a lunch and the thing exploded – splattering a NY socialite with countless little seeds. I was a little embarassed! hehe
  5. I own a pair of black underpants with “Doctor Love” written on it in red letters next to a SuperMario dressed as a doctor with little hearts around. Geez! I can’t believe i’m telling you this. That’s more embarassing than spitting tomato juice on a socialite!

Why don’t you drop me a line if you want to be tagged and i’ll add your link. Deal? I need my beauty sleep now. Here you have it Jack! :-)

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  • Emiline

    It sounds like you’ve lived an interesting life.
    You lived in Paris?! That’s amazing. That’s like my dream. I’ve only been there twice.

    Wow, that was too much information about your underpants.

    So you just post 5 random things about yourself? I could do that. Mine won’t be as exciting.

  • Ann

    I told Jack that if he tagged you we would have interesting results. As usual, I was RIGHT!

  • Jack

    Now those are some interesting facts! I’m amazed you could get that surfboard into your pocket though. Ha ha.

  • AzAzura

    Honestly Zen , by reading your blog regularly now,I am not surprise that you had done those! I am laughing by myself now.

  • Angélique

    You lived in a 10th floor walk-up? What a great excuse to burn calories, then to eat it all back again :)

  • jon

    what a fantastic city roof top photograph. :)

    i’ve had my share of faux pas. :)

  • Anali

    You lead quite the exciting life! In jail your first week in NYC. I guess everything after that must have seemed pretty calm and routine. And was your community service cooking? ; )

  • foodhuntress79

    Jon was right. I like that photo also. I was thinking of Jack the Ripper – that photo really got me! Great confessions! :)

  • La Belette Rouge

    Have you ever made the chicke wings while wearing your doctor love underwear?

  • A Z R A

    i like # 5, muarrgahahahahaaha!!!!, any chance of us getting a sneak preview of this infamous underpants?

  • Karine

    The last one is great!!!


  • Cynthia

    #5 is priceless!

  • Chicken & Waffles

    Of course you were in jail your first week in Manhattan. That has to be our local hazing ordinance for the French. Welcome to New York, honey!

  • Manggy

    Oh my God, this was sooo funny!!! I’m not sure which was my favorite bit of information. The one where you got fined for bringing joy to the rooftops of France?

    You have lived quite a life! I’m not sure if I’d ever want to get chased by a Vietnamese (or any) gang, though.

    The “turnstiles” at the French Metro are those flimsy flaps, right?

  • glamah16

    Don’t you have fond memories of being a student in Paris making incredible meals out of nothing and everyone coming by to sponge off and party. My concierge hated us for the traffic and commotion we caused. Ah those were the days!

  • Tenina

    You don’t have to marry me (too late…or is it?? hmmmn) but put me in your blog list and all will be forgiven for your late reply. I understand the whole busy thing, my life has gone crazy with Christmas; cooking class for 200+ this weekend! Sold out but they keep accepting more and more, Money hungry do-ers! YIKES. (A little Aussie slang for ya!!)