Under the Spell of Champagne Bubbles

My head hurts. Champagne bubbles are such cowardly little creatures with a mind of their own. So inviting at first, they glitter like the sun’s reflection on the ocean right before sunset irresistibly pulling you to them with their mermaid’s charm. And put you in a giggly mood they will but beware, the little bastards will slap you in the back of the head with no hesitation. The picture below pretty much resumes what i remember about last night after the ball drop…blurry bubbly bubbles!

I was busy cooking all day. The pictures below were all i could manage to take during the dinner party at Big bossman’s, we were short on staff so i had no time to play with my camera. So here you have it, a little platter of canapes to be enjoyed with…errrrr.. Champagne, and Sea Scallops and Black truffle ‘sandwiches’ that were served with a mache salad with toasted almonds and a delicious black truffle vinaigrette using the scallops juice. Really good!

Happy hangover to all!

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  • Colleen

    Hope you feel better! Now it’s time for a holiday no?!

  • b

    Wow… as always, this looks incredible! I hope that the hangover was well worth it! Happy New Year!! Wishing you much happiness (and perhaps a nice long vacation?) in 2008!

  • waliz

    Nappy brew Year huh? now i know why…hehehe!

    the sea scallops and black truffle hmmm…looks so inviting…do i ever got the chance to taste it in 2008? only my new bf can answer tht …hahaha

  • Anali

    Happy New Year ZC! Your meal sounds wonderful and looks it too. I hope you got some rest today. I’m looking forward to following your blog in 2008. It sounds like it’s gonna be the place to be! ; )

  • CookiePie

    Hi Zen dahling – happy new year! The canapes look divine! Hope ’08 brings everything you hope for and more – xoxo

  • La Belette Rouge

    Bonne Annee, ZC!
    I am sorry that champagne was mean to you. I hope that 2008 brings you lots of caviar, truffles, hang-over free champagne and whatever else will delight your epicurean soul.

  • Zen Chef

    Yes Colleen, a Holiday sounds really good right now. I think i need about 3 months off…

  • Zen Chef

    B, thank you! The food was yummy and the Champagne was even better so i guess the hangover was worth it haha…

  • Zen Chef

    Nappy brew Year Waliz! haha :-)
    You have a new bf?…who is it? who? who?… Was he approved by me? haha :-)

  • Zen Chef

    Anali, yes i’m resting today thank God! I hope this will be the place to be…at least i’ll be there haha.

  • Zen Chef

    Cookiepie! Thank you!
    Happy New Year to you! All the best! :-)

  • AzAzura

    I am a big scallop fan!and those of yours are gorgeous,honest from me. I can imagine it being paired with truffles..yum yum..
    Hope your head feels better by now :o) xoxo

  • Zen Chef

    LBR…Whoever invents hangover- free Champagne is going to make a lot of money! Great idea! haha… Now i’m not quite sure how to accomplish that. :-)
    Happy New Year to you!

  • Zen Chef

    Thank you Azazura…my head does feel better now! Those were delicious…it’s a great match, the scallops absorb the truffle aroma and the truffle vinaigrette accentuate it, good stuff! :-)

  • Julie

    Will you marry me?

  • Chicken & Waffles

    Zen-Man: The food looks good, yes, but you had me at champagne. If I were a homeless person standing at the interchange of the Cross Bronx Expressway, my sign would read, “Will do just about anything for a fine French brut.”
    Some would call that a champagne whore. I just admit it freely.

  • FeelingFlirty

    I think it’s perfectly OK to feel 2nd hand after too much champers. You’ve earned it.

    If you need a holiday, it’s really nice in New Zealand this time of year.

    We’d even cook for you.

  • Claude-Olivier

    on s’embete pas ici, j’aime ca! a bientot, ciao!

  • redactedrecipes

    Looks wonderful! But what did you do besides have champagne? Please tell me you were not at the Bossman’s place when the ball dropped? :-)


  • Sylvia

    Amazing combination, scallops, black truffle and champagne.
    Tres chic!!!

  • foodhuntress

    Great canapes :) One of the best I’ve seen in a long time. Great photos, texts…You should really write a book :)

  • Sweetiepie

    Sea Scallops and Black truffle ‘sandwiches’this is such a beautiful dish. I am a big seafood eater.

  • Zen Chef

    Julie…sure why not!… but i think there’s a waiting list haha

    C&W…you are absolutely hilarious! hahahahahaha :-)

    Waou, feeling flirty…if i get my butt to NZ you will cook for me? Now that’s sounds good! :-)

    Claude..ah non, on ne s’emmerde pas chez moi! haha

    Ann… no i was out by 10pm. But i started Champagne around 8pm hehehe

    Sylvia…tres chic indeed! Thanks for your visit!

    Foodhuntress… thank you for the compliment darling! But i barely know how to spell! haha

    Sweetiepie…it is a special dish indeed. I like it! :-)

  • elay

    i got so hungry just looking at the pictures…this is one very delicious blog! yummmy…!

  • Zen Chef

    Elay merci! I can shop, chop and table hop like a pro but anything that has to do with choppers i leave it to you :-) At what time is take-off? hehe