Burrata Mon Amour

It’s with great shame i admit i was a Burrata virgin, but today my beloved readers, something amazing happened… Are you ready for the big news? Well… I lost my virginity to mozarella’s creamy cousin! No no, don’t clap, i think it was long overdue and yes – i’m a changed man! Finding her was a game of hide and seek as she can be quite elusive in this big city, but when i saw her this morning at the Italian specialty store and gathered the courage to invite her into my shopping cart i already knew we were meant for each other. I made room for her among lettuce and potatoes and as a true gentleman – carried her with my trembling fingers to a comfy spot. Later, she was everything i expected her to be.

As you can see, burrata resembles nothing more than a ball of cow’s milk mozzarella with a topknot. But there’s a surprise inside: a creamy, soft, lava-like center that, once the cheese has been cut open, slowly and irresistibly oozes out onto the plate. It’s spreadable love.

Burrata is a magnificent cheese and a relatively modern specialty but it must be consumed fresh, no more than 48 hours after production. According to a fellow private chef, its marvelous liquid center is best scooped up with slices of crusty country bread with a drizzle of olive oil and some cracked pepper, and is excellent when enjoyed with of a bottle of Montepulciano (now that i have to repay him for his advice, anyone knows good hair loss treatment?) Try also tossing Burrata into pasta, such as penne or spaghetti. For a truly rich caprese salad, encircle fresh Burrata with slices of ripe red tomatoes and torn basil leaves, drizzle also with olive oil and a twist of fresh black pepper. And yes you can do it the Zen way: big blops onto a pizza. But what isn’t good on a pizza?

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  • foodhuntress79

    Wow, a highly- romanticized lucky cheese. Is this a new version of the margherita? with the mozzarella’s cousin? :) Mozzarella will be jealous- you’re all praise to burrata. Haha. What a deliciously sinful pizza :)

  • Manggy

    Oh GREAT! Zenman, I would have gone through life just fine being a Burrata virgin forever! Now I must have one, though given the 48-hour window of freshness, I think it might elude me till I’m half a century old :(

  • Kate / Kajal

    … and i always knew u were a romantic at heart … :)
    your little affair with burrata, has got me all interested too. But i don’t think I’ll find some in Africa atleast not for another 100 yrs, unless,Italy plans to invade the land and open specialty stores all over the place.

  • crys Violette

    That’s my amore as well!! How much did you pay for that bundle in NY? I get it from the weekend market most times, costs a little bit more but they’re as fresh as ever and feels like best thing gliding down your throat! Italians also like pairing it with panzanella, a typical Tuscan bread salad. Panzerotto, pizza, panzanella.. honey, just pass me that burrata will ya. 😉

  • AzAzura

    First … you told the story well , that I am starting to fantasize about cheese and supermarket’s trolley..LOL
    Yes anything is awesome on a pizza , I think I had tried burrata many years ago.I have to admit I feel jealous with this cheese because no one ever wrote about Azura mon cherie ,let alone Mon amour.
    Burrata 1 Azura 0

  • Heather

    Whew! It’s a good thing you made pizza. After that post, I was afraid you were gonna stick your d*** in it!

  • Helene

    Never heard of Burrata but it looks so good. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Chase Bjørnsen Ravndal

    I am also a Burrata virgin and can’t wait to be devirginised. I love mozzarella and I think I will definitely love Burrata

  • glamah16

    Oh, something new for me!I have never heard of Burrata and will now search for it and drop money I should use on more pratical things thanks to your loving description.

  • Deborah

    Since I have a hard time finding anything where I live, I’m pretty sure I’ll never find this cheese!! I’ll have to look for it next time I am in a bigger city!

  • Chicken & Waffles

    Oh, Zen, Zen–I thought that I was your creamy cousin! But I am happy to surrender to the cheesy goodness that is a legit cheese product. The USDA considers dairy an actual food group, although I think I have a better chance of being qualified a food group.

    It’s always nice to surrender parts of our virginity. I hope you had a cigarette afterwards.

  • elay

    oooohhh..yummy..i’d like a whole big slice of that..

  • Emiline

    That pizza looks so good.
    I would love to get my hands on some burrata. Doubt it will happen, here.
    I did find Meyer lemons today!

    Ha- I just read what Heather said.

  • Dhanggit

    looks like it was worth it losing your virginity on this cheese :-)

    btw your pizza looks outrageously divine!! yummy

  • aforkfulofspaghetti

    Oh, god, yeah. My local deli serves burrata very simply on dinky little bruschetti, and dribbled with luscious olive oil and fleur de sel. I fall for it every time 😉

  • Nina’s Kitchen (Nina Timm)

    I’ve never seen any cheese as beautiful as this…. and the pizza looks scrumptious.

    Ps. My first visit…I’ll be back!

  • Catherine Wilkinson

    well, if I’m gonna be a virgin, let’s make it cheese.
    now for the cruise to try and find this! In my territory, the best I can do is a six-pack and a bale of hay. Maybe online? Suggestions?

  • cakewardrobe

    I can imagine your Amour-tale in the market to be like a scene of Roger Rabbit. I love when you find little bundles of creaminess wrapped up in a ball waiting to burst. That’s love!

  • Cakespy

    This post is so racy, I feel like I should be pouring a glass of wine and reading by candlelight! It sounds like it was incredible moment.

  • michelle @ Us vs. Food

    oh burrata…i eat you far too infrequently.

    the insides of a burrata (the stracciatella) are like the creay love child of fresh mozzarella and mascarpone cheese.

    i’ve you’ve never had it you should immediately turn off your computer, go to a place where cheese is sold, and acquire some.

  • amy

    Congrats with finally ‘breaking your seal’ w/ burrata. we had been craving burrata before our trip to Italy last year and we got to Bologna, bought a knife, a loaf of bread, 2 ripe tomatoes and some burrata and sat on a park bench and attempted to eat it with no napkins. 20 minutes later we were in pure bliss, but wanted to throw up from the richness! i’m glad you finally understand what the hype is about. BUT, i have to be a complete biotch right now and scold you from even bothering to melt it on some pizza. yes, it sound fabu, but in it’s pure form, it’s the best. i wouldn’t imagine cooking it… it just would lose what makes it so sinfully delicious. but maybe that’s just me? amy @ http://www.weareneverfull.com

  • waliz

    i’m glad u finally met her…whts her name? mozarella? hehehe….nice name!

  • Tartelette

    What a lucky girlfriend…:)

  • jesse

    Hmm, I’m wondering where I can find the elusive Burrata in Los Angeles…

    And by the way, how does a March wedding sound to you? In April Nutella babies shall be born.

    (Wow that sounded wrong.)

  • Anali

    Now that’s one lucky Burrata! ; )

  • junglegirl

    Certainly sounds like true love…And I do happen to have heard of a hair remedy – from Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, “eat pray love’. The person with not enough hair must find a banana tree, cut it down themselves, cut a bowl into the stump, cover it and wait for it to fill with sap. Then he collects that sap, has a healer say prayers over it and then bottles it. After two or three months of massaging it in daily, hair should be growing. : D !

    I would totally try it if I didn’t already have the hair of a Somoan, which is to say, plenty. Good luck!