La Cense Giveaway Winner

Have you heard of the legend of the barking cow?

A monk once asked Joshu, a Zen master: “Has a dog Buddha-nature or not?” Joshu replied, “Mu.” The monk then asked Joshu, “Has a cow Buddha-nature?” The Zen master looked the monk in the eye and replied, “Woof.”

This story left me puzzled so i said, enough with this crap… I’m asking the cow!

Did.. did this cow just barked at me!? Alright, fine!… This ain’t going nowhere. I’m going back to bed.

Sorry to keep you waiting with the results of the La Cense giveaway. I’ve been a bit busy since my return from Colorado. Lot’s of catching up to do. Here it is:

Comment #62: Olga from Mango & Tomato wins!

A round of applause, please!

(The following comments were not counted because the people don’t live in the U.S or didn’t wish to enter the giveaway: Foodhuntress, Ila, Clumbsy Cookie, Big Boys Oven, Gloria, Cynthia)

Coming soon: a cookbook giveaway. Try your chance again next time!

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  • glamah16

    Oh I so wanted to win. I will keep trying.

  • Olga

    holy bejesus! I’m so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much :)

  • The Short (dis)Order Cook

    Thank you for letting me know that cow’s have bad attitudes. Now my mother might stop making me feel guilty for eating beef.

  • jesse

    Hahaha, you and your cows… wonder if the ones in Oxford are as bad-tempered… nah..

  • Emily

    I can’t wait for your next giveaway… I’ll win for sure.