My Guest Post on Rasa Malaysia: Grilled Shrimp with Green Papaya and Mango Salad


Hey friends!

Something exciting! Head over to Rasa Malaysia and check out my guest post. The lovely and uber-talented Bee of Rasa Malaysia was kind enough to leave me the keys of her fantastic blog for the duration of a post. I got distracted and i think i forgot to turn off the gas when i left so if you find a pile of smoking ashes when you click on the link.. err.. disregard this post, keep quiet and walk away whistling…

If it’s still there you will love this recipe, a Vietnamese green papaya and mango salad that’s crunchy, spicy and refreshing at the same time and served with grilled shrimp on a stick. Very delicious and easy! Don’t be shy, go visit Rasa Malaysia for the recipe and show us some love please!

Yours truly.

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  • mochachocolatarita

    I don’t think those shrimps ship well, but i travel well (bigger hints HA HA). Imagine this: “Zen chef, help! There’s a rita on my stick of shrimps!”

  • Rasa Malaysia

    Zen, it was really fun to have you. A recipe by a real chef, now that’s something… 😉

  • elra

    Drooooling! Enak Sekali (ask Rasa Malaysia) what it means…

  • darlene

    haha! I posted green papaya salad on the same day. I used chicken, but I would have much rather had your shrimp :-)

  • Kate – Aapplemint

    Hey Congrats on the new site. It looks fantastic !! And yum yum, what a refreshing salad, full of flavours and colours.

  • Tavolini

    mmm…papaya, shrimp and mangos! I feel like I’m on a tropical island just reading this. Pass the rum, please 😉

  • Janet_Gourmettraveller88

    This is a beautiful dish! I am drooling!

  • Cynthia

    Heading over there right now!

  • Ninette

    Hi, I saw your entry on Rasa Malaysia. Congratulations! And thanks for sharing.

  • cakebrain

    yum! that looks great!

  • My Taste Heaven

    Wish I could try some!!!

  • dawn

    and I had just decided a mere 20 minutes I was not cooking dinner tonight that we were going to get a burrito instead. and then I came here and saw that shrimp, thanks, thanks a lot, now I have to go walk my fat butt down to the fishmonger and buy shrimp because of the craving now.

  • liz v.

    good looking dish, and beautiful photo!

  • Big Boy Oven

    Oh ! I see!

  • Darius T. Williams

    Come on man…I’m loving this dish right here. It’s got my name all over it.

  • Heather

    I love seeing people guest-post. I had fun when I did it for Michelle at Thursday Night Smackdown that one time. This was a beautiful contribution. :)

  • maryann

    Hello there! Your dish looks beautiful! Brava!
    Glad I found your blog through Giff. You are now in my reader and I look forward to reading your archives :)

  • Rejina

    Crikey, this looks SO tasty! I am definitely going to have a go at making this…

  • Dragon

    This dish looks amazing!

  • Meg


  • Olga

    Looks really pretty! And I love mangoes.

  • Bren

    i don’t eat shrimp anymore, but this makes me want to really miss it! i’ll savor ur picture tho. and mango goes with anything, in my opinion! love it!