Feed ME and WIN Jamie Oliver Cookbooks

We often say we eat with our eyes first and that’s exactly what this little contest is about. I want you to feed me, people. Feed me with delicious food from your favorite blogs for a chance to win a Jamie Oliver cookbook… or two. It could be anything from appetizers to entrees to desserts from anywhere around the world. I’m not picky or fancy… but i have good taste.



Here’s what you have to do:

  • Leave a comment on this post and link to a delicious post, either on your own blog or someone’s else (make sure to credit the blogger), and i’ll be looking at your offerings one by one. When it’s time to decide, i will pick whatever tickles my fancy at that particular moment. I may or may not gather a team of food critics for help. If the winning recipe is on your own blog, you win two cookbooks. If the winning recipe is on someone’s else blog, you get one cookbook for ‘feeding me‘, the blog the recipe was posted on wins the other. The strategy you want to adopt is entirely yours.
  • Tweet about this contest on twitter and link to this post earns you the right to comment twice (therefore link to two different recipes), increasing your chances of winning. Don’t forget to include @zenchef in your tweet so i can see it. The internet police is watching and whoever screw this up will be beaten with a wooden spoon. No shit!
  • You have until Wednesday, July 29th at midnight (eastern time) to enter this giveaway. The winner(s) will be announced shortly after.
  • I will ship the cookbooks anywhere around the world at no cost to you.
  • Disclaimer mix-bag: Contest open to humans only. Pain in ass and sore losers can get lost. All bribes will be seriously considered. Same recipe submissions cancel each other. If there are two winners, the one who left the comment get first cookbook pick. Sorry but there’s strawberry jam stuck on page 57 of ‘Cook with Jamie’ (kidding!). err.. I might keep adding to that list.

Good luck to you all and let the cooking begin!

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