Omelette Thaïlandaise


A few weeks ago, the ever so lovely Leela over at She Simmers challenged me to create a French dessert that encapsulates the classic flavors of Thailand. She wanted something with the gentle kick from galangal, the citrusy aroma of lemongrass and the inebriating perfume of kaffir lime leaves, all in one delicious sweet package.

After scratching my head for quite a bit i came up with a funkified version of Baked Alaska which we should really rename Baked Thailand for the occasion, or Omelette Thaïlandaise in French.

Check out my guest post and recipe at She Simmers. See you on the other side.

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  • Stacey Snacks

    Geez Louise,
    This is gorgeous! It’s going to be hard to top this.

  • Ciaochowlinda

    Well I’d say you really rose to the challenge on this one. Just beautiful and I can imagine the wonderful citrusy taste.

  • The Little Teochew

    I thought you wanted to create a durian – the King of Fruits and a hugely popular tropical fruit! Google it and see what I mean. 😉

  • china

    I am a big fan of dessert.

  • jared

    Nice piping skill Zen-man. Just remember not to burn yourself while drinking the grey goose and flambe at the same time.

  • shirley@kokken69

    So this was your creation! I saw the photo on FG and thought it was quite intriguing but I had yet to check it out… This is indeed amazing – I bet the flavour is sublime and exotic…

  • Linn @ Swedish home cooking

    That’s like a piece of art. Adorable. I would love to try it but on the other hand – I’m not a zen man.

  • Katty

    Simply too gorgeous to eat…but I’m sure I couldn’t resist if it were in front of me. :)

  • bunkycooks

    Can’t top this one! I love the flavors…this is gorgeous. No wonder you made the Top 9 (double posts no less!).

  • Elin

    Congrats ! Who can beat you on this…awesome baked Thailand. Share a slice..don’t be stingy :p

  • The Cilantropist

    Oh this is truly a wonder! I don’t think I could ever imagine to create something like this! So stunning. :)

  • Jessica

    A work of art…much to beautiful to consume! Lovely and amazing!

  • Sarah

    Hello! I simply wanted to say your web site is one of the nicely laid out, most inspirational I have come across in quite a while. Thx! :)

  • Michael [OpenKyoto]

    That is one funky baked Alaska, indeed! Wow!! You are a true artist.

  • Cyndy

    Wickedly satisfying! you are so creative.