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Thai Curry Chicken Pot Pie

This is where Thai curry meets chicken pot pie to create one of my most favorite comfort food. I always thought of the flavor combination of lemongrass, galangal and Kaffir lime – the building blocks of Thai cooking – as a concoction made in heaven. It’s simply perfect. When you add chicken to it and […]


Pork Belly Sliders with Pickled Cabbage & Maple Mustard

Don’t you love to find leftovers in the refrigerator and turn them into tasty little bites? That’s what happened a few days after I made the sous-vide pork belly. There was a nice chunk of it I forgot all about hidden between a quart of milk, a head of lettuce, and some brioche dough from […]


Passion Fruit Crêpes Soufflé

You absolutely read the title of this post right. It’s not a crêpe, it’s not a soufflé – it’s a combination of the two. And this might be the best dessert you’ll have all year. This fantastic recipe came all the way from Claude Troisgros restaurant in Rio de Janeiro (the son of the famed […]