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Slow-Baked Eggs w/ Lobster, Soy Beans & Gochuchang

After a busy three weeks working on a ranch in the beautiful state of Colorado I came home yesterday in a private plane fantasizing about the luxurious (and late!) breakfast I would have the next morning. That’s a lot of luxury to handle in one day but who’s counting? Some lobster claws were leftover from […]


Artichoke Heart, Salmon Cream, Poached Egg, Smoked Scottish Salmon, Osetra caviar

It’s Christmas morning, a snow blanket covers the city and nothing, and i mean nothing in the world could make you leave the coziness of the house. Yet, a little bit of luxury on Christmas morning would seem appropriate. A brunch item for the Gods like these artichoke hearts filled with a salmon crème fraiche, and […]


Brioche with Olives, Gruyere, Smoked Bacon & Tomato

No I haven’t abandoned you, it’s just that I’m a little bit too busy for blogging these days. I have a bunch of recipes and photographs ready to be posted but I rarely get the time to write a nice post. Emails go unanswered. I don’t respond to comments. My growing beard makes me look […]