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Gianduja Mousse, Cocoa, Feuilletine

I can’t think of a name for this dessert so I need you to imagine a finely broken-up caramelized gaufrette fan wafer sandwiched between a luscious gianduja mousse, a chocolate brownie and cocoa powder. Does it sound delicious enough? Feuilletine are flakes of Brittany lace crepes that are commonly used is chocolate and hazelnut desserts in […]


Gianduja Chocolate Kulfi w/ Caramelized Banana, Cocoa Nibs & Popcorn

Welcome to my post-apocalyptic version of a chocolate dessert. So dramatic. The one that ends it all. Kulfi is an Indian ice cream that’s not quite as romantic as gelato but has its own charms, including a slightly chewy texture and a creamy taste. This Gianduja version is as close to a Nutella frozen treat […]


Chocolate-Caramel-Nougatine Tarts

I spotted this recipe by Francois Payard a while back in a cookbook and what immediately drew my attention to it is the nougatine part. A nougatine is a confection similar to praline made from a light caramel mixed with crushed almonds or hazelnuts, it’s poured onto a baking sheet and when the mixture cools […]


Chocolate Soufflé for Valentine’s Day

Here’s for you, little lovebirds. A chocolate soufflé for two, served in a pot. How about that to impress your Valentine? Of course, I would avoid grandma’s rusted old pot and invest in a nice little copper saucepan but look around in your kitchen cabinets, you may already have something perfect for the occasion. I […]


Rhubarb-White Chocolate Soufflé

The markets are being flooded with fresh spring produce and i make it my personal goal to use as much as possible in the next few weeks. The latest discovery were young, tender stalks of fresh rhubarb. I love rhubarb and i can’t think of enough ways to use it but combine it with white chocolate […]