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Gianduja Mousse, Cocoa, Feuilletine

I can’t think of a name for this dessert so I need you to imagine a finely broken-up caramelized gaufrette fan wafer sandwiched between a luscious gianduja mousse, a chocolate brownie and cocoa powder. Does it sound delicious enough? Feuilletine are flakes of Brittany lace crepes that are commonly used is chocolate and hazelnut desserts in […]


Praline Soufflé

Tall and proud, this fluffy praline soufflé is nutty and buttery all at the same time. You could dig a hole with a spoon and pour a rich praline crème anglaise in the center and add “creamy” to the description, but that may give you the urge to run around in circle and screaaaaam after just […]


Gianduja Chocolate Kulfi w/ Caramelized Banana, Cocoa Nibs & Popcorn

Welcome to my post-apocalyptic version of a chocolate dessert. So dramatic. The one that ends it all. Kulfi is an Indian ice cream that’s not quite as romantic as gelato but has its own charms, including a slightly chewy texture and a creamy taste. This Gianduja version is as close to a Nutella frozen treat […]


Green Tea Mille-Crêpes

If you follow this blog for a while you probably noticed that I’m a little bit obsessed with crêpe cakes. It started sometime last year with a chestnut crêpe cake or mille-crêpes (a thousand crêpes) as they are sometimes called. I liked it the first time so I made another one, a chocolate mille-crêpes with an orange cream […]


Strawberry-Marshmallow Tart

Strawberry tart is one of the first thing I learned how to make by watching my mom work her magic in the kitchen when I was a little kid but it’s only a few years later in cooking school that I realized the important techniques at work. Every step of the way from making a […]