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Maple-Soy Cured Salmon Belly

I had a piece of Alaskan King salmon belly left from the salmon tartare cornets I made the other day, so I placed it in a mixture of maple syrup and dark soy sauce and left it to cure for 24 hours. The next day I cooked it in the Sous Vide Supreme at 50′ […]


Four-Cheese Lasagna: step by step

I recently received an email from someone who had almost a nervous breakdown from having to make a simple lasagna for a family gathering. There was nail biting and tears which is exactly the opposite of what I’m trying to teach on this blog. It made me realize that simple recipes that I take for […]


Sea Urchin Spaghetti

After a feast of sea urchin crostini with lardo I still had half a tray of sea urchin left, and faced with the tough decision to either eat them with a spoon or whip up this easy and tasty pasta dish, I went with the latter. It’s simple, but the richness combined with the oceanic […]


Black Sea Bass “en croûte” with Aromatic Vegetables & Mousseline Sauce

This is a departure from my usual bright, voluntarily overexposed photography. Today I decided to join the dark side with a pitch black background largely inspired by the photography in Modernist Cuisine. It’s kind of fun, I think. I bought a black sea bass, one of my favorite fish, and prepared this dish in less […]


Braised Chicken in White Wine, Mustard & Tarragon

My seasonal food clock is somewhat ahead of schedule as I’m already craving foods usually enjoyed after the thermometer drops a few degrees, but I didn’t feel any guilt devouring this dish. This braised chicken defines comfort food for me. This is what I want when the weather outside is not too nice, when there’s earthquakes, […]