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Spaghetti alla Bottarga

If food were currency, Bottarga would be as good as gold. Bottarga in Italian, Boutargue in French or Karasumi in Japanese, is the roe sac of grey mullet that has been salted, dried, pressed and dipped in beewax for preservation. It ends up looking like a flat-sided wax sausage. When shopping for bottarga look for the […]


Crispy Soft-Shell Crabs w/ Yuzu Kosho

Crab is my favorite food group so I get very excited when little soft-shell crabs come in season. Though soft-shells are available as early as April and as late as October, the peak season is now through July. It’s now they crawl out of their muddy hibernation to shed their hard shell and grow a new one. […]


Pork Belly confit with tangerine-sesame emulsion, grits & chinese chives

There’s a Chinese supermarket conveniently located next to my gym where I’m known to buy pork belly right after spending an hour on the treadmill. Even the butcher gives me an amused look when I ordered a pound of center cut while still in my sweaty work-out clothes. Sometimes the best intentions in the world […]


Lasagna ‘à la Zen’

My refrigerator can be a place of great discoveries when i gather enough strength to clean it. It’s a dangerous business, though. On bad refrigerator days I’ve scared myself to death with vegetable bin monsters but on good days pulling things out is a bit like watching a dish create itself in front of my […]


Shrimp & Grits with Bacon, Smoked Paprika & Aged Manchego

Confession: I’ve never had shrimp & grits before. So i was even more surprised to be craving it over the holidays. How can you crave something you’ve never even tasted? I took some liberties that would horrify even Paula Deen with this classic Southern dish and adapted it to my half-Spaniard taste buds using aged […]