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Green Fig Tart with Fig-Balsamic Glaze

I wasn’t planning to post this recipe. Why? Well, because there’s no big mystery to it and you could probably figure it out just from looking at the pictures. Plus, i’m lazy. Okay, make that the main reason. Here’s the story, a layer of frangipane goes on top of crisp and buttery rounds of puff […]


Pistachio-Cherry Gratin

A quick post today because seasonal allergies are keeping me away from the blogosphere. It’s hard to focus or be creative with tension headache and a bunch of other ailments. Hopefully i’ll be back in blogging form soon. This pistachio-cherry gratin did bring some sort of comfort though and the best part is that it […]


Rhubarb-White Chocolate Soufflé

The markets are being flooded with fresh spring produce and i make it my personal goal to use as much as possible in the next few weeks. The latest discovery were young, tender stalks of fresh rhubarb. I love rhubarb and i can’t think of enough ways to use it but combine it with white chocolate […]


Cardamom-Macadamia Nougat Glacé with Kumquat-Pineapple soup.

It really started out of desperation and rummaging through my refrigerator looking for something to snack on. My search for something salty and addictive failed but i knew all wasn’t lost when i found a container of candied kumquats, the same ones i used here and there, except that the syrup has morphed into in […]


Caramelized Baby Pineapple with Coconut Sorbet & Coconut-Curry Cookies + Giveaway!

South African baby pineapples, also known as Queen Victoria, boast a gorgeous prominent golden color which immediately caught my eye at the market the other day. I couldn’t resist buying a few. Not only they are fragrant and sweet with a bold, rich flavor but get this – the inside is entirely edible, so no […]