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Maple-Soy Cured Salmon Belly

I had a piece of Alaskan King salmon belly left from the salmon tartare cornets I made the other day, so I placed it in a mixture of maple syrup and dark soy sauce and left it to cure for 24 hours. The next day I cooked it in the Sous Vide Supreme at 50′ […]


Black Sea Bass “en croûte” with Aromatic Vegetables & Mousseline Sauce

This is a departure from my usual bright, voluntarily overexposed photography. Today I decided to join the dark side with a pitch black background largely inspired by the photography in Modernist Cuisine. It’s kind of fun, I think. I bought a black sea bass, one of my favorite fish, and prepared this dish in less […]


Yuzu-Curd Doughnuts

Since visiting Japan yuzu became my favorite citrus fruit with its amazing floral citrus fragrance that you can smell from across a room, and everytime I come across its unique smell I am reminded of the kitchen of Yoshimi Tanigawa in Kyoto where the juice and grated zest was used abundantly when we visited in the […]


Pork Belly confit with tangerine-sesame emulsion, grits & chinese chives

There’s a Chinese supermarket conveniently located next to my gym where I’m known to buy pork belly right after spending an hour on the treadmill. Even the butcher gives me an amused look when I ordered a pound of center cut while still in my sweaty work-out clothes. Sometimes the best intentions in the world […]


Omelette Thaïlandaise

A few weeks ago, the ever so lovely Leela over at She Simmers challenged me to create a French dessert that encapsulates the classic flavors of Thailand. She wanted something with the gentle kick from galangal, the citrusy aroma of lemongrass and the inebriating perfume of kaffir lime leaves, all in one delicious sweet package. […]