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Sea Urchin Spaghetti

After a feast of sea urchin crostini with lardo I still had half a tray of sea urchin left, and faced with the tough decision to either eat them with a spoon or whip up this easy and tasty pasta dish, I went with the latter. It’s simple, but the richness combined with the oceanic […]


Veal Ravioli w/ Culatello, Radicchio, Chanterelles & Sage

I was in a ravioli-making mood today, so I got my pasta machine out of the closet and made a filling using a combination of veal and fatty trimmings from a piece of Culatello I got at Eataly recently. If you’ve never tried Culatello, you haven’t lived. It’s awesome. Think of it as the Kobe of […]


Spaghetti alla Bottarga

If food were currency, Bottarga would be as good as gold. Bottarga in Italian, Boutargue in French or Karasumi in Japanese, is the roe sac of grey mullet that has been salted, dried, pressed and dipped in beewax for preservation. It ends up looking like a flat-sided wax sausage. When shopping for bottarga look for the […]


Langoustine Ravioli with Citrus-Coconut Sauce, Thai “Bird’s Eye” Chili & Fava Beans

I’ve been in a Thai food mood lately so when I got my hands on a few langoustines I didn’t think twice about the direction I wanted to take. After a little visit to my favorite Thai market on Mosco street in Chinatown and stocking up on Thai bird chili, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves I […]


Lasagna ‘à la Zen’

My refrigerator can be a place of great discoveries when i gather enough strength to clean it. It’s a dangerous business, though. On bad refrigerator days I’ve scared myself to death with vegetable bin monsters but on good days pulling things out is a bit like watching a dish create itself in front of my […]