Taku River Salmon Tartare with Black & White Sesame Tuile, Karasumi and Shiso

I’ve been a bit silent of the blog this past week because i had to catch up on real life for a little. Now that’s taken care of i’m back to the land of delicious food and friendly people. I’m often accused of making complicated dishes. The truth is, most of what i do on […]


Wild Mushroom Tart with Gruyère, Herb Salad & Balsamic Reduction

It’s time for the monthly food fight hosted by Mel of Gourmet Fury and Leela of She Simmers. The theme ingredient this month? [drum rolls] ..Mushrooms!! My submission is this simple but sophisticated appetizer that everyone can make at home in a snap. Well, if you use store bought puff pastry that is. If in […]


Braised Oxtail & Foie-Gras Terrine

I’m blogging backward so if you read my last post you already know what i did with the leftovers from this project. If you didn’t, go there… and quick! Sure, this oxtail and foie-gras terrine has the coarse appearance of a geological sample but i can guarantee you there’s no spinosaurus fossil stuck in there. The […]


Braised Oxtail & Foie-Gras Ravioli

Do i need to begin this post with a disclaimer? Something that goes: “People who have a problem with foie-gras can kiss my.. err.. donkey”. No, no, no… let’s not do that. Growing up in southwestern France i witnessed how the geese are raised and i could talk to you at length about it but i’m afraid […]


Stuffed Squid with Chorizo, Piquillo Pepper, Black Olives & Basil Oil

I know. It looks fussy, doesn’t it? A fancy-shmancy tapas. I just wanted to have a little fun with the presentation because, well.. that’s what chefs do. In essence though, this is a pretty basic dish. Take a few squid, clean the suckers, chop some chorizo, onions, garlic, the tentacles of the aforementioned suckers and […]