Ricotta Cannelloni with Crispy Maitake Mushrooms & Soy-Brown Butter

Cannelloni (also known as Manicotti) are often associated with comfort food and usually served under a layer of bechamel or tomato sauce. While i have nothing against that, i hate to bury this great looking pasta under a ton of sauce, especially this time of the year. Today i decided to give it a little […]


Braised Oxtail & Foie-Gras Ravioli

Do i need to begin this post with a disclaimer? Something that goes: “People who have a problem with foie-gras can kiss my.. err.. donkey”. No, no, no… let’s not do that. Growing up in southwestern France i witnessed how the geese are raised and i could talk to you at length about it but i’m afraid […]


Salmon Spaghetti “Carbonara”

This recipe for Salmon Spaghetti “Carbonara” belongs to your ‘sexy food’ folder and it goes without saying you should have some nice company along with a glass (or three) of chilled Champagne to go with it. The idea here is to replace the requisite guanciale, cured pork jowl, with smoked salmon. I had a piece of olive-oil […]


Bucatini all’Amatriciana… and the Winner of “Table Manners”

Bucatini all’ Amatriciana is one of those quick pasta dishes that draws raves from unexpecting guests. Guanciale, the pig’s jowl bacon, is the star of the show here and one of the rare foods that makes you burn the calories before you actually eat it – chances are you’ll have to trek across town just […]


Pasta alla Chitarra with Sea Urchin & Langoustines

I hope you didn’t have to put sunglasses on when opening this page. In an attempt to hide my lousy photographic skills i’ve been adjusting the brightness/color levels of my pictures. That’s something that i never done before. While it helped improve the overall quality of  my pictures,  it also exposed my tendency to get carried away.  […]