Tuna Tartare & Scallop Crudo with Pink Peppercorn & Spring “Salad”

If you can’t decide between a tartare, a crudo or a salad to start your meal, i’ve got the perfect dish for you. It starts with a layer of finely chopped tuna tartare, if you have access to o-toro or any fatty cut of tuna by all cost use it, you won’t be disappointed. Thinly […]


Curry Seafood Tartelettes

It’s busy at work these days and if my posts seem rushed and/or don’t make any sense it’s mainly because i start to blog when the rest of my fellow New-Yorkers go to sleep. You should see me in the morning. I’m a danger to myself. Yes, it’s a busy time of the year for […]


Roasted Scallops, Serrano Ham, Romesco Cauliflower puree, Parmesan foam, Pimentón

I had a few things leftover in the refrigerator and an hour to kill so i came up with this dish. Sorry for the lack of blogging lately but this is busy season for me between trips to the Hamptons and consulting for an ice cream shop on my days off. My brain feels like […]