Tahitian Vanilla Tart with Summer Fruits & Sweet Wine Glaze

It ain’t easy to start cooking after a Top chef. You can become self-conscious, nervous even! And you start questioning everything you do. Is it good enough? What is he going to think about this? Is he.. Is he gonna say.. c’est quoi cette merde!? Ahhhh! The ultimate insult! Well maybe i’m just nervous because i […]


Apricot-Almond Tarts

A quick tiny little post before i leave for Asia. Delicious apricot and almond tartelettes with fresh apricots from Frog Hollow Farms in Brentwood California (pronounced Frogolo when you’re cursed with a French accent). If you’re not familiar with this organic farm you should definitely check out their website. In my opinion Frog Hollow Farms […]


Ricotta Lemon Cheesecake with Biscotti Crust

I’m so hopeless, i just spent half an hour trying to link a word to a sound file. When you click on the word burp  is there a  way to hear a burp without leaving the page? Is that even possible in wordpress!? Am i asking too much for chrissake? Computer geeks, HELLO!? err..eh.. Why […]


La Tarte aux Figues de Monsieur Zen

I am a self-confessed fig freak to the point i count the days every year until i’m able to put my hands on these babies. Today mes amis, was my lucky day at the market. It must be the childhood memories associated with figs that makes me love them so much. Memories that take me […]


Tarte Bourdaloue To Say Thank You

Big Bossman has been keeping me busy this past week. I had no time to sit down and write a little post for you my friends. I read the schedule for the weeks ahead and it doesn’t look any prettier, my head is spinning already. If anyone wants to adopt me – now would be […]