Zen eats Tokyo

A few weeks ago, my friend Marc of No Recipes asked me to join him on the Tokyo stop of his eating frenzy across Asia, an offer i couldn’t refuse of course. Do you remember how much fun we had in Kyoto last year? So after a long journey halfway across the globe (what we […]


Zen Eats Paris

I just came back from a much needed vacation with the family in France. This post is not the ultimate guide to eating in Paris, just a little glimpse at how we do it in the old country and it starts with a picnic at home. The abundance of delicious foods in every neighborhoods makes […]


Zen eats Kyoto

As much as i would love to share with you the tastes, the smells and the sounds of my trip to Japan.. i couldn’t find a teleportation booth for sale on Ebay. So instead i tried to recreate in pictures the different moods of my adventure. My best advice to you, go visit Kyoto Foodie for […]


Kyoto Master Chef Yoshimi Tanigawa

Last week, Kyoto Kichisen Master Chef Yoshimi Tanigawa opened his doors to Michael of Kyoto Foodie, Marc of No Recipes and I. I don’t usually fly across the globe to do internships at fine restaurants but this opportunity was just too good to pass and i’m infinitely grateful to both Michael and Marc for inviting […]


Zen Eats Singapore

After about 10 days in Hong-Kong i got the opportunity to visit Singapore for a few days and met up with some local friends as well as my old buddy olivier with whom i went to restaurant school in Paris over 15 years ago. He’s now the Food & Wine manager of the Scarlet hotel […]