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Honey-Glazed Chicken w/ Quinces & Apples

You’re probably in turkey mode right now and couldn’t care less about my pitiful chicken story but I simply refuse to start posting about Thanksgiving yet. So I’m serving you some chicken today. Doesn’t it look good? This ain’t ordinary chicken, this is Joe the chicken. Joe the chicken was about to purchase a plumbing […]


Squash Panna Cotta w/ Cranberry Compote & Walnut Tuile

One of the great things about the food blogging community is the wonderful people you get to meet, and today was no exception. I had the pleasure to meet with a few bloggers over a late lunch organized by Stacey from stacey snacks, whom i thank a million for her generosity. Lupa was such a […]


Squash Ravioli with Sage-Brown Butter

I started writing this post full of noble intentions: ” Today, i shall convince my beloved readers they NEED a pasta machine! “ That’s before i realized it was pointless because in fact – it’s exactly the other way around! Let me tell you instead why there’s a pasta machine out there who needs YOU. […]


Spiced-Quince Brown Butter Cake

Yup! It’s the season for quince again, apple’s ugly cousin (don’t say it too loud or it might get offended). Most variety of quince are too hard, astringent and yucky to be eaten raw and one in hand gives little hint of the sensuous texture it reveals when cooked, but once they’re gently poached in […]