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Green Tea Cream Puffs

I had the nice surprise to be selected for the ‘Site we Love’ feature of SAVEUR magazine this month. Amazing! You can read my interview here. Thank you all for all your good words. I was going to post a different recipe today but I figured we need to celebrate with something sweet that everybody […]


Scallop Crudo with Shiso & Yuzu Oils and Pink Peppercorn

I was cleaning up some old photos on my hard drive when I realized I posted this scallop crudo a while ago as part of project food blog but I never wrote a recipe for it. Crudo in general don’t need recipe since it consists of the freshest seafood money can buy with a squeeze […]


Nutella – Sour Cherry Tart

When Pierre Hermé calls a recipe “Nutella tart” you can assume it’s a little bit more involved than just scooping Nutella out of a jar and into a tart crust.  His version consists of a layer of Nutella topped with a chocolate ganache and toasted hazelnuts in a rich tart shell. The tart is then […]


72 hours Sous-Vide Short Ribs

I wanted to take a “Modernist” approach to short ribs but while keeping the robust flavors of a traditional braisé. So this recipe is a mix of Nathan Myrhvold 72 hours sous-vide short ribs and my own concoction. I normally would soak the short ribs overnight in a mixture of aromatic vegetables, herbs and red […]


Introducing Zenspotting

  Does the world really need another food gallery site? The answer is YES! of course. If you’re a regular visitor of this site you probably noticed a little icon on the top left corner that says “Check Out Zenspotting”. I decided to create Zenspotting because I thought it would be fun to have a […]