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Steak Picante with Salsa Verde and… La Cense Beef New Year Giveaway!!

I was recently contacted by the lovely Susanna from the Grass-fed Party, asking if i’d like to try some La Cense beef and host a giveaway for you, my beloved readers. Needless to say, i promptly accepted. La Cense is a great company that does direct-to-home beef and supports sustainable agriculture. They let their beautiful […]


Merry Christmas from New York City

I heard from a very good source that Thomas Keller is serving a smoked bone marrow/four-spice ice cream as part of his offal tasting menu at Per Se. So if you’re wondering what i really want for Christmas, this is it!… this is all i want for Christmas!.. Bone marrow ice cream, baby!! Who said […]


The Best Osso Bucco and… Flyin’ Shoes

I got a new lens for my camera! Can you tell? I sent my letter to Santa just in time LAST year but .. oh hum.. i’m still waiting for my presents. Is it.. is it because i don’t have a chimney? So this year i went ahead and bought a Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF […]


‘Foie-Gras Chawanmushi’ or How to Cook Japanese when you’re French and Dyslexic

No, no… i didn’t sneeze! A Chawan is a traditional Japanese cup in which this savory custard is steamed. As for the mushi … err.. well, i don’t know what mushi stands for, but it rhymes with sushi – that i’m sure! Hope that helps you, little songbirds. This is an absolutely scandalous version of […]


Meringue d’Automne: A Pierre Hermé Recipe Made (kind of) Easy

I’m one of those who believe you need to be both obssesive-compulsive and bored to tackle a Pierre Hermé recipe. It’s the precision and attention to details that would drive many people crazy, it’s the whole aesthetic thing . I also believe that if you can pull it off – not only you’ll come to […]