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Rooftop Knackwursts

Take a few obsessed food bloggers plotting to make choucroute from scratch, add a beautiful day, a welcoming rooftop in Brooklyn, a cheap charcoal grill and a few beers and you’ve got the perfect.. err.. fire hazard!?.. but what a way to spend an afternoon! This little outing reminded me of my chicken wings grilling days on […]


Braised Pork Belly with Pickled Ramps and Pork Caramel

Marc of No recipes was kind enough to share this picture with me. It’s one of the five dishes we made at Forage & Feast and one that received rave reviews from everyone. If you read Zested, Constables larder, No recipes or Lab 24/7you probably know all there is to know about this great foraging-cooking expedition we […]


Pasta alla Chitarra with Sea Urchin & Langoustines

I hope you didn’t have to put sunglasses on when opening this page. In an attempt to hide my lousy photographic skills i’ve been adjusting the brightness/color levels of my pictures. That’s something that i never done before. While it helped improve the overall quality of  my pictures,  it also exposed my tendency to get carried away.  […]


Ricotta Lemon Cheesecake with Biscotti Crust

I’m so hopeless, i just spent half an hour trying to link a word to a sound file. When you click on the word burp  is there a  way to hear a burp without leaving the page? Is that even possible in wordpress!? Am i asking too much for chrissake? Computer geeks, HELLO!? Why […]


Morel Pizza with Fontina, Asparagus & Smoked Ham

I don’t know about you but i’m starving!  Being lost in a maze of HTML codes for 10 days left me  hungry for something good… something really good. Sorry if i don’t have a nice bubbly to offer you to celebrate the new blog even though i think it would pair really well with this recipe but … but let’s […]