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Pump Up the Jam… and a Jammin’ Giveaway!!

It all started with a feeling of impending doom. Then the phone rang. It was the doorman announcing a delivery. “I’m not expecting any deliveries” i replied… “It’s from the Hamptons” he said. “Oh shit!” I answered, realizing it was this time of the year again. “Send it up..err.. i guess” i said, and waited […]


Ricotta Gnocchi with Guanciale, Fava beans, Peas & Chanterelles

Tired of gnocchi so heavy that gangsters could use them in place of lead boots? I have good news for you… Ricotta gnocchi is the lighter, hipper cousin of the more traditional potato gnocchi found in Northern Italy, he’s kind of the cool kid on the block and the star on our plate today. Ricotta […]


Thin & Crisp Raspberry Napoleon with Lemon Cream

Susan over at Food Blogga’ is hosting this month’s edition of Sugar High Friday and the theme is… [drum roll please].. Berries!! How exciting! This is my first time participating so i’m going to try NOT to mess it up. Could someone please finish to roll-out and vacuum the red carpet for the triple punch […]


Salt-Baked Branzino with Olives, Lemon & Herbs

I think i’ve got a week-end project for you… Really, i can’t stop smiling. Look what I made for lunch… Meet Pesce per Due in Italian or Bar en croute de sel in French. Pretty, isn’t it? Today I’m going to show you one of my favorite way to enjoy fish. When people hear about […]


Cherry-Almond Gratin.. and a Few Updates

I’m going to let you in on a little secret but ..shhhh… keep it for yourself. I’m working with a web-designer to make this blog bigger, better and badder. Yes, finally! Hopefully the new design will be ready to be unveiled by the end of August. It won’t be anything too drastic for the simple […]