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Sea Urchin Spaghetti

After a feast of sea urchin crostini with lardo I still had half a tray of sea urchin left, and faced with the tough decision to either eat them with a spoon or whip up this easy and tasty pasta dish, I went with the latter. It’s simple, but the richness combined with the oceanic […]


Kabocha Squash Beignets

Quick, quick… I need to post a holiday snack for Thanksgiving day celebrations. I’m sure there will be plenty of squash used in various forms and it’s inevitable you’ll be left with a bunch of it. What to do with it?…  Ta daaa! Well, that was a no-brainer. My favorite squash of all is Kabocha […]


Sous-Vide Egg with Red Wine Sauce & Wild Mushroom Panzanella

Sous Vide Supreme recruited me to develop a few recipes and sent over a water bath and a vacuum sealer to my home. If you’re thinking of experimenting with the cooking of the future, they have the perfect solutions for the home cook. They sent me the equipment for free but my opinions are my […]


Sea Urchin Crostini with Lardo & Sea Salt

If sea urchin is going to be the next pork belly I have no objection, your Honor. I am guilty as charged for enjoying it so much. New York has been rolling in roe for a long time with top restaurants featuring uni on their menu in all its glory. I had dinner at Marea […]


Praline Soufflé

Tall and proud, this fluffy praline soufflé is nutty and buttery all at the same time. You could dig a hole with a spoon and pour a rich praline crème anglaise in the center and add “creamy” to the description, but that may give you the urge to run around in circle and screaaaaam after just […]