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And the winner is…

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it is to pick a weiner winner when so many people submit their most delicious recipes. I thought about putting pictures of all the submissions on the wall and use a single dart to pick a winner but i announced last week the winning recipe will […]

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Feed ME and WIN Jamie Oliver Cookbooks

We often say we eat with our eyes first and that’s exactly what this little contest is about. I want you to feed me, people. Feed me with delicious food from your favorite blogs for a chance to win a Jamie Oliver cookbook… or two. It could be anything from appetizers to entrees to desserts […]


Tahitian Vanilla Tart with Summer Fruits & Sweet Wine Glaze

It ain’t easy to start cooking after a Top chef. You can become self-conscious, nervous even! And you start questioning everything you do. Is it good enough? What is he going to think about this? Is he.. Is he gonna say.. c’est quoi cette merde!? Ahhhh! The ultimate insult! Well maybe i’m just nervous because i […]


Piquillo Pepper stuffed with Salt Cod Brandade

A while back, i blogged about the precious Gateau Basque recipe i hacked from my cooking instructor with the help of a gang of kitchen thugs. Organized crime never tasted so good. This is another recipe from those early days in the kitchen except this one was graciously offered as part of my culinary education. And […]