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Braised Chicken in White Wine, Mustard & Tarragon

My seasonal food clock is somewhat ahead of schedule as I’m already craving foods usually enjoyed after the thermometer drops a few degrees, but I didn’t feel any guilt devouring this dish. This braised chicken defines comfort food for me. This is what I want when the weather outside is not too nice, when there’s earthquakes, […]


Strawberry-Marshmallow Tart

Strawberry tart is one of the first thing I learned how to make by watching my mom work her magic in the kitchen when I was a little kid but it’s only a few years later in cooking school that I realized the important techniques at work. Every step of the way from making a […]


Spaghetti alla Bottarga

If food were currency, Bottarga would be as good as gold. Bottarga in Italian, Boutargue in French or Karasumi in Japanese, is the roe sac of grey mullet that has been salted, dried, pressed and dipped in beewax for preservation. It ends up looking like a flat-sided wax sausage. When shopping for bottarga look for the […]


Slow-Baked Eggs w/ Lobster, Soy Beans & Gochuchang

After a busy three weeks working on a ranch in the beautiful state of Colorado I came home yesterday in a private plane fantasizing about the luxurious (and late!) breakfast I would have the next morning. That’s a lot of luxury to handle in one day but who’s counting? Some lobster claws were leftover from […]