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Steak w/ Soy-Ginger Sauce… and a Cookbook Giveaway!!

My dear friends, I’m asking you to forgive me for your bruised buttocks. I think i got a little carried-away with all that spanking in my last post. Today, in an effort to redeem myself… i am giving away a free cookbook! You will have to wait until the end of this post to find […]


Zen & the Art of Heirloom Tomatoes

(This may look like a tomato but it’s in fact the incarnation of the 127th Buddha, yes really!) Heirloom tomatoes stand-out of the crowd for their so-called ugliness. They also stand out from the other mass-produced automatoes because they appear to have a soul. That sweet expression of compassion tinged with sorrow carved onto their […]


Zuchinni Blossoms Tempura w/ Aromatic Vegetables & Ricotta

I went to inspect the zuchinni flowers, and as i looked closer i was in shock. A bug menage a trois was indulging in decadent hedonism in broad daylight AND right in front of me!.. Pigs!!.. I mean Bugs!! Now, i don’t watch much television but i must say – this was much more entertaining […]


La Tarte aux Figues de Monsieur Zen

I am a self-confessed fig freak to the point i count the days every year until i’m able to put my hands on these babies. Today mes amis, was my lucky day at the market. It must be the childhood memories associated with figs that makes me love them so much. Memories that take me […]


Wild Salmon w/ Shiitake ‘Bacon’ Bits & Spring Vegetables

Warning bacon lovers: The word ‘bacon’ was used 22 times in this post. Actually it’s 24 times now. Some people have been known to enter a trance at the repeated sound of bacon (25 times). Read at your own risk. After indulging on everything pork this week-end i wanted to redeem myself and prepare something […]