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Pork: It’s the Meat of Kings

(Warning: You’re about to have a dorky moment… but what the heck, you might as well enjoy it! Just make sure nobody’s watching…) You look a little tense but.. it’s your lucky day! IT”S KARAOKE NIGHT on Zen’s blog! Why don’t you sing along to this catchy tune? Oh come on, you know you want […]


Gateau Basque & the Art of War

Today, the Zen-man is going back to his roots. No.. I’m not talking about root canal or root vegetables but about my first introduction to cooking. Gateau Basque is one of the first thing i learned to make. It’s a relatively simple golden cake with a filling that manage to generate an extraordinary amount of […]


We Interrupt This Program…

We interrupt this blog for an important Newsflash. The following program might affect sensitive people. We recommend keeping young childrens, bunny rabbits and anyone still believing in the tooth fairy away from this post. Sorry to spoil your Easter but… the egg murderer strikes again!!The picture below was snapped by Ariel who was the latest […]


Wild Mushroom Tarte Tatin

Hey, why not give Tarte Tatin a savory twist and serve it as an appetizer instead of dessert? I’m sure you all know the legend behind Tarte Tatin. The French apple pie that fell upside down on the kitchen floor – picked up by the Tatin sisters and served to unsuspecting guests who loved it […]


Ovaltine & Milk Chocolate Kulfi w/ Caramelized Banana

First, a big thank you to Emiline who very kindly designed the new header for this blog. Emiline, i just Fedexed your ribeye with chimichurri. It was medium rare when it left… it should be well…done by the time it gets to you. Thanks a million! Emiline works for food and usually gets paid in […]