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Baby Chicken with Soy-Whiskey Glaze & Sticky Rice Stuffing

I was completely and utterly torn between two recipes, Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s chicken with a soy-whiskey glaze and Mochachocolata aka Rita incredibly delicious-looking chicken with a sticky rice stuffing. Plus, i was hungry. Very hungry. So i thought, heck… let’s combine both recipes, shake really hard and see what comes out of it. Being ordered around […]


Yuzu-Cured Pork Belly

I found some fresh Yuzu at Mitsuwa last week and the first thing that came to mind was of course to make Pierre Hermé Yuzu macarons with candied grapefruit. So why in the world is this post about pork belly!? you asked. At $4 a pop for these Japanese citrus i didn’t want to waste any […]


Warm Chocolate & Banana Tart

(Click on the picture for the food porn view) In case you haven’t noticed, i have a giant sweet tooth. The same sweet tooth that caused me to lose about $40K in a dessert business venture a few years back but that’s a long story i rather not get into just yet. You would think […]


Gâteau Basque & the Art of War

(In an effort to update this blog little by little i’m re-posting this article from 2 years ago. While the recipe remains the same, i couldn’t stand the horrendous food photography anymore. I hope you don’t mind the little facelift.) Gâteau Basque is one of the first thing i learned to make. It’s a relatively […]


The Lamb Burger Experiment

That’s what happen when you spend a little too much time on twitter. I recently read a tweet by @FrankBruni touting the merits of the lamb burger at The Breslin. For you non-New-Yorkers, that’s the New York Times ex-restaurant critic tweeting about a favourite of his at a new popular hang-out. With an instant craving […]