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Prune Gnocchi w/ Foie-Gras and Vin Santo Glaze

[If you think gnocchis are fungus that grows on your feet you should quit reading this post now!] Anyone still here? Great! These famous italian dumplings made of flour and potato, have been taken to another level of yumminess by chef Barbara Lynch of N#9 Park in Boston who came up with this clever twist […]


Arancini aka Fried Risotto Balls

This versatile technique will turn any leftover risotto into the most satisfying junk food imaginable. If your motto is “if it’s fried, it’s gotta be good” you won’t be disappointed, these babies give the word ‘fried’ a whole new meaning by combining a crisp outer crust with a rich melting interior resulting in one of […]


Thanksgiving’s Morning

Streets of Manhattan, 8:00 am. Am i the only one working? Hello…anyone?


Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Day is here! Aren’t you amazed by so much celebration for such an ugly animal? I work for Big Bossman & family on Thanksgivings and we usually do a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner for about 25 people. I don’t like to experiment too much on that day, in my opinion it should be all […]


Gratin de Pomme Verte (Green Apple Gratin)

There are infinite ways to cook apple but this is the most unusual apple recipe i have encountered so far. The dough (actually more of a batter) is really only there as connective tissue binding the apples together the same way Brad Pitt connects with Angelina Jolie and her 15 kids to form a seemingly […]