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Sea Scallops in Black Tie

The best sea scallops are on the markets roughly at the same time with black truffles so it only makes sense that they appear together in the same dish. Scallops in black tie – a clever combination of scallops, black truffles, spinach and puff pastry – was made famous at Le Cirque and is still, […]


Special Guest Chef: Eric Ripert

It’s a big world but it’s hard to find a chef more accomplished than Eric Ripert. His restaurant Le Bernardin has received four stars from The New York Times, three stars from the Michelin Guide and ranks 18 on the San Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. You can also find him on his TV […]


Black Truffle Sponge Cake

A few weeks ago, Tina of Wandering Eater talked about an advanced copy of Pierre Hermé new book “Pastries” she received. I didn’t even know that Pierre Hermé was coming out with a new book so, my curiosity spiked, I begged to get a glimpse of it. After failing to get a preview copy from […]


Ahi Tuna Tartare w/ Avocado, Crispy Shallots & Soy-Sesame Dressing (..and a little update)

If you think you’ve seen this before, you’re absolutely right. I originally posted this recipe in 2008 and the old photo is still in regular rotation in the banner. I’m re-posting this recipe today to talk about a little technical issue. Ready? I deleted by mistake a whole bunch of photos that were hosted on […]


Turbans of Langoustines with Shellfish Consommé & Bottarga

Iconic restaurants never die. One of them is Jamin, which I once had the chance to visit while attending cooking school in Paris. At the time, Joel Robuchon’s Jamin was recognized as one of the best restaurant in the world, and one of the most feared kitchen to enter. I remember some dishes from this […]