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Bacon & Clams Pizza

When you combine salty goodness from the land and sea on a pizza you know something good is bound to happen. Bacon and clams could be my favorite pizza topping of all time. This pizza takes its inspiration from the Alsatian tarte flambée also known as flammekueche, which is a pizza covered with crème fraîche, onions and lardons […]


Green Tea Mille-Crêpes

If you follow this blog for a while you probably noticed that I’m a little bit obsessed with crêpe cakes. It started sometime last year with a chestnut crêpe cake or mille-crêpes (a thousand crêpes) as they are sometimes called. I liked it the first time so I made another one, a chocolate mille-crêpes with an orange cream […]


Veal Ravioli w/ Culatello, Radicchio, Chanterelles & Sage

I was in a ravioli-making mood today, so I got my pasta machine out of the closet and made a filling using a combination of veal and fatty trimmings from a piece of Culatello I got at Eataly recently. If you’ve never tried Culatello, you haven’t lived. It’s awesome. Think of it as the Kobe of […]