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Ragu alla Bolognese – the Good Old Fashion Way

Bolognese is taken very seriously in Italy and rightly so – it is very delicious when done properly but it’s a shame it has been bastardized so much. If the people of Bologna could see what’s served under the name of Bolognese in a lot of places they would either die or send mama death […]


Roast Chicken w/ Ginger and Soy-Whiskey Glaze

That’s what i call a good-looking chicken! As you can tell, today is chicken day on Chef’s gone wild. Of course, you know it’s not your average chicken day when your chicken taste a bit like Peking duck… So is it chicken or duck, you asked? Well, let’s say it’s a chicken wannabe duck but […]


Spice Blends & Dirty Secrets

Have you ever been to a restaurant and wondered what was the secret that made the food taste so delicious? It could have been a delicate piece of fish with just an extra little something that took it over the top and paying $30 for it was suddenly okay because it left you saying : […]


Studiofeast: The Culinary Underworld

Ahh! The thrill of sneaking off to eat somewhere hush-hush. You gotta love it. I had the pleasure to meet with fellow bloggers Ann and Jack of Redacted Recipes and their friend Michael this past Saturday for an exciting visit to Studiofeast. Thanks for the invitation guys, i had a blast… and a serious hangover […]


Chocolate and Pistachio Crêpes Suzette

[This is an updated post. It deserved better pictures and a few little changes. So here you go! And why don’t you make this Chocolate Mille Crêpes with Orange pastry cream and caramel while you’re at it!] I have decided to do another mass-hypnosis experiment today using you, my beloved readers, as guinea pigs. You […]