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Wagyu Pastrami & Buffalo Mozzarella Pizza

If you can imagine all the lusciousness of melt-on-your-tongue Wagyu with aromatic pastrami spice, paired with the delicate buffalo mozzarella on a thin layer of tomato sauce with caramelized vidalia onions and let’s not forget the fatty bits of the wagyu pastrami, charred around the edges, melting onto the pizza to create an intricate combination of flavors. […]


Pistachio-Cherry Gratin

A quick post today because seasonal allergies are keeping me away from the blogosphere. It’s hard to focus or be creative with tension headache and a bunch of other ailments. Hopefully i’ll be back in blogging form soon. This pistachio-cherry gratin did bring some sort of comfort though and the best part is that it […]


Spaghetti “Carbonara” with Duck Prosciutto, Fava Beans & Ramps

Life is full of priorities so this will be a quick post. Why? You see that egg yolk… well it’s one of those priorities i’m talking about. That egg yolk needs the heat from the pasta to evenly coat it, along with the parmesan, in order to create a luxurious finish and mouth feel. So […]


Kumamoto Oyster Cream & Pearls

Sometimes i find a photo of a dish in a book or magazine that inspires me and i instantly feel the need to make a version of it – which i admit – always end up in my stomach, but it’s almost if i am more interested in the creative process than the act of […]


Lobster Mac & Cheese

If you’ve been dreaming about a dish where the essence of fresh lobster is extracted, squeezed and concentrated into one delicious gratin, well… you can wake up now. I’m gonna show you how. Let me clarify first that we are not talking about the abomination of folding lobster meat into mac and cheese here. We’re […]