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Scotch Smoked Salmon with Pea Pancakes, Creme Fraiche & Meyer Lemon

I have to hurry and post this recipe before fresh peas totally disappear from the markets. Zenchef wants to stay seasonal although he’s been a bit bloglazy lately (yes it’s a new word). I hope health conscious people will appreciate the efforts i made here to incorporate a green vegetable into breakfast. This sneaky cover-up […]


Zen Eats Singapore

After about 10 days in Hong-Kong i got the opportunity to visit Singapore for a few days and met up with some local friends as well as my old buddy olivier with whom i went to restaurant school in Paris over 15 years ago. He’s now the Food & Wine manager of the Scarlet hotel […]


Zen Eats Hong-Kong

Hong-Kong is a foodie holy grail and this post doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface but i will share with you a few random bites anyway. This trip also took me to Singapore and Macau but both those fantastic cities deserve a post of their own for their eclectic foods, i will get to […]


Apricot-Almond Tarts

A quick tiny little post before i leave for Asia. Delicious apricot and almond tartelettes with fresh apricots from Frog Hollow Farms in Brentwood California (pronounced Frogolo when you’re cursed with a French accent). If you’re not familiar with this organic farm you should definitely check out their website. In my opinion Frog Hollow Farms […]