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Lobster Rolls Royce – Not Your Average Sandwich

If you haven’t already done so, make sure to enter the Mystery Basket Giveaway and send your bribes before the deadline – Wednesday, May 28th at midnight (Eastern time). Whoever enters the contest late will be sent to an internet forced-labor camp i keep in the blog basement, duties include chopping vegetables, opening dozens and […]


How To Fake a 4-Star Restaurant Dessert – Passion Fruit Souffle

Big Bossman was out of town for business yesterday so there was no fancy-schmancy dinner party to cook. [Yay!] And since Mrs Big Bossman was alone for dinner it was the perfect day to enjoy a long break, i went to Juan Valdez on 57th to grab some Columbian coffee before heading to a bookstore […]


Kesar & Alphonso Mangoes: Fruit of the Gods

Can you believe i paid $5 a piece for these mangoes? Actually i didn’t, Big Bossman did but they enjoyed it as much as i did. These mangoes rock!I was a little bit suspicious at first but after a bite i knew it was worth every penny. The flavour is intensely rich, sweet and full […]


Moroccan Lemon-Coriander Lamb Tagine

Before i left for my trip to the islands i made a nice lamb tagine for big bossman and i wanted to share the recipe with you. When comes the spring i crave for these big bright Mediterranean flavors, and i’m pretty sure you do too. The word tagine (or tajine) refers both to the […]


The Return of the Zen-Man

I’m back! Well, i’ve been back for a few days already but i was greeted by a lot of work and no time to update the blog. In other words, i went from 85’F degree weather to a 85’F degree kitchen in just a day so the transition wasn’t too difficult – at least temperature-wise. […]