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Tagging Frenzy

I’ve been tagged, pressured and tortured by Jack over at Redacted Recipes to reveal 5 weird/random anecdotes about myself. Well Jack, if ‘weird’ is the theme it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch! haha. The rules are as follow: link to my tagger (done) and tag 5 fellow bloggers at the end of this […]


Horror In The Kitchen!!!

The egg murderer strikes again. I will find who’s responsible for this! No wasted omelette will be left unpunished… Not in MY kitchen!! Photo courtesy of ognavneterjanne


Passion-fruit ‘Brulee’ Tart w/ Chocolate Brownie Crust

I don’t know if i should blame it on my French heritage or my Piscean nature but i have a knack for meditating on the small moments and little pleasures of life. Shhh… don’t tell anyone now but I actually enjoy digging my hands in coffee beans, skipping stones and popping bubble wrap. I am […]


And The Winner Is…

The Grand prize in the Vanilla Bean Giveaway goes to Foodhuntress79 who wrote a wonderful short-story/mini movie – complete with music picks and illustration. [Big round of applause please!!] The picture of the vanilla bean and the knife forming a cross in the original post gave the talented Foodhuntress the sudden inspiration for this gothic […]


Ile Flottante & Buccaneers

(The untold story that got your Zen-ness into culinary school. For better or for worse!)Under a caramel sky, a fluffy meringue ‘iceberg’ was floating away on a sea of vanilla custard, in it’s shadow, the legendary and ferocious Zen Blackbeard was waiting on the deck of his pirate ship plotting a surprise attack. The target […]