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Bonne Annee 2008!!

In case you’re wondering what your Zen-ness will be up to on New Year’s eve the picture below should give you some indications. Well, at least that’s what i’ll be doing up until 10 pm, after that i’ll be decompressing on Dom Perignon and leftover caviar, i have standards and expensive taste! I will be […]


25th Survivor

Rejoice people! Your Zen-ness has survived a Christmas dinner party in Southampton. As i have been up for 20 hours i won’t elaborate too much and just share with you a few random observations and rants, sorry if i don’t make any sense: My head and my legs hurt. I was the only human being […]


Truffled Gougeres, Champagne and Levitation

The best thing to nibble on while drinking wine or Champagne is without a doubt the gougeres. A delicious Burgundian invention which is a sort of cheese puff, only better. The cheesy batter puffs up magically to become miniature ‘hot air balloons’ that can be enjoyed plain or filled with… [This post was momentarily hijacked […]


Hot Chocolate, Churros and Contraband

Could this be the best thing on earth? Hot chocolate so-thick-and-pudding-like-your-spoon-won’t-sink-into-it served with crisp and sugary pieces of fried dough. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, for me the one below reminds me of two of my fondest childhood memories: bribes & contraband. As a kid growing up in south of France […]


Macau Egg Custard tarts

(You know you’ve been talking too much about eggs when your google ads have switched to ‘Egg Donor Websites’… Sorry! haha) On a trip to Macau last January i was introduced to the local specialty of egg custard tarts also known as Portuguese egg custards. I was taken to a famous local bakery called “Lord […]