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Acorn Squash Pizza with Bacon, Shallot Confit, Taleggio, Arugula & Aged Balsamic

Chefs like to build flavors one upon the other to give dishes variety and depth, as you can already tell i took this ‘layering the flavors’ business quite seriously. Here’s a pizza topped with sweet shallot confit, bacon, roasted acorn squash, taleggio, manchego, baby arugula and .. a gentle drizzle of aged balsamic. I’m talking about 25 […]


Tomates Farcies

Well, i don’t feel inspired to write today. Could a post consist simply of  : Hey, here are some stuffed tomatoes for ya! … No? I could go on and on about how tomates farcies is a classic home-cooked dish in France and how I find the preparation very satisfying and reminiscent of the slow cooking […]


Scallop Crudo with Passion fruit, Celery Leaves & Shiso Oil

In Italian cuisine, Crudo is a raw fish dish dressed with olive oil, sea salt, and citrus juice such as lemon juice and sometimes vinegar. I used passion fruit instead. Sue me. You don’t need to follow a recipe for crudo as it is very much ingredient-driven. You could simply serve thin slices of the […]


Gianduja Molten Cake with Hazelnut Gelato & Brittle

I know what you’re thinking. Molten chocolate cakes are so 1999 and yet it seems every restaurant in every corner of the world has some version or other on their menu. Sometimes you just wish the recipe could be put in a time capsule and sent to space for 10 years or so. Everyone needs […]


Bucatini all’Amatriciana… and the Winner of “Table Manners”

Bucatini all’ Amatriciana is one of those quick pasta dishes that draws raves from unexpecting guests. Guanciale, the pig’s jowl bacon, is the star of the show here and one of the rare foods that makes you burn the calories before you actually eat it – chances are you’ll have to trek across town just […]