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Check this out!… Aren’t these the coolest Halloween candies you ever seen? They are made out of bubble gum and icing. Pretty yummy huh! I guess some people just have too much time in their hands! Happy Halloween!


The Day Jean-Georges Told me to Spice Up my Life

I just came back from Jean-Georges Vongerichten new book’s party at the Conran Shop in New York City where I was able to chit-chat a little with my favorite chef. Sadly enough i couln’t extract from him his secrets to create a restaurant empire around the world. Should i have used torture? maybe… But everything […]

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Twice-Baked Goat Cheese Souffle

As you may know by now Private Chefs live with a constant sense of impending doom. Imagine a dinner party for 30 very wealthy people with a cheese souffle on the menu. You didn’t want to put a souffle on the menu but your boss thinks it would be a nice touch, so after negotiations […]


Asian Tapas: Brussels Sprouts 2.0

When the subject of brussels sprouts comes up in conversations people often react the same way, it starts with a rather ugly facial expression followed by a “yucks”, “Pfffff” or “Beurk”. Occasionally you might even hear a “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh“…. that’s people who rather jump off a cliff than holding the thought of a brussel sprout in […]


Underground Restaurants

Did you know that some of the most innovative food can be sampled at hidden spots in private homes or office buildings? The New York Post published an article yesterday about underground dining in New York. Underground restaurants are started by serious foodies or chefs who have joined the “Dark Side” of dining, they grew […]

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