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Passion-Fruit Tofu Cheesecake

I’m sure a lot of cheesecake lovers would turn up their noses at a tofu cheesecake, and some would even go further and shun tofu as the work of the devil, while others wouldn’t hesitate to denounce me to the cheesecake security council and have me arrested. I’m resisting the pressure, friends, because i believe […]


Gâteau Basque & the Art of War

(In an effort to update this blog little by little i’m re-posting this article from 2 years ago. While the recipe remains the same, i couldn’t stand the horrendous food photography anymore. I hope you don’t mind the little facelift.) Gâteau Basque is one of the first thing i learned to make. It’s a relatively […]


Chocolate Mille-Crêpes with Orange Cream, Orange Caramel & Candied Zest

I posted a chestnut mille crêpes recently and at this point you’re probably thinking that i’m obsessed with crêpe cakes, and that i need help. Sure, i’m obsessed with eating them but unfortunately my insurance company doesn’t reimburse this kind of therapy yet. While this mille crêpes looks similar to the last one i made, […]


Chestnut Mille Crêpes

If you like this recipe take a minute to vote for me in the Bon Appétit Blog Envy Bake-Off. Cast your vote here. Thank you so much! Let me start-off with a big lie. Mille Crêpes means“a thousand crêpes” in French. Hmm.. I used fifteen mayyybe sixteen crêpes. Can we just keep it a secret? Anyway, did […]


Gianduja Molten Cake with Hazelnut Gelato & Brittle

I know what you’re thinking. Molten chocolate cakes are so 1999 and yet it seems every restaurant in every corner of the world has some version or other on their menu. Sometimes you just wish the recipe could be put in a time capsule and sent to space for 10 years or so. Everyone needs […]