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Carrément Chocolat

If you believe the Mayan calendar, the end of the world is near. In about three weeks… err. Okay.. What I’m getting at is that end of the world or not you’ll need all the excuses you can find to make this chocolate cake. Most importantly you need to embrace that “who cares about the […]


Cheesecake Mosaïc

This is an interesting and delicious variation on cheesecake, a recipe by pastry wiz Pierre Hermé in his latest book “Pastries”. The base is made with a sweet pastry dough turned into a powder and used like the Graham crackers crumbs of New York cheesecake, it’s topped with a pistachio cheesecake layer which is baked […]


Black Truffle Sponge Cake

A few weeks ago, Tina of Wandering Eater talked about an advanced copy of Pierre Hermé new book “Pastries” she received. I didn’t even know that Pierre Hermé was coming out with a new book so, my curiosity spiked, I begged to get a glimpse of it. After failing to get a preview copy from […]


Nutella – Sour Cherry Tart

When Pierre Hermé calls a recipe “Nutella tart” you can assume it’s a little bit more involved than just scooping Nutella out of a jar and into a tart crust.  His version consists of a layer of Nutella topped with a chocolate ganache and toasted hazelnuts in a rich tart shell. The tart is then […]


Hot Chocolate Mousse, aka “ChocoBubbles”

Back in 2006 I was partner in an avant-garde dessert bar called “Room 4 Dessert” in New York. It was a molecular think-tank for people with a sweet tooth and while things didn’t always run smoothly it was a very interesting experience for all of us involved. We didn’t have what it took to turn […]