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Passion Fruit Crêpes Soufflé

You absolutely read the title of this post right. It’s not a crêpe, it’s not a soufflé – it’s a combination of the two. And this might be the best dessert you’ll have all year. This fantastic recipe came all the way from Claude Troisgros restaurant in Rio de Janeiro (the son of the famed […]


Praline Soufflé

Tall and proud, this fluffy praline soufflé is nutty and buttery all at the same time. You could dig a hole with a spoon and pour a rich praline crème anglaise in the center and add “creamy” to the description, but that may give you the urge to run around in circle and screaaaaam after just […]


Orange Soufflé with Grand-Marnier

Have you ever found yourself craving a dessert after a nice hearty meal on a cold winter day to realize you don’t have anything besides a few oranges in a basket? I love oranges, and there’s nothing wrong with simply slicing an orange for dessert but sometimes you feel like you’ve been working hard and […]