Chocolate Galette w/ Pistachio Frangipane & Griotte Cherry

All i wanted was an excuse to make a pistachio frangipane. The obsession started after i came across Tartelette’s and Melanie’s versions of galette des rois with pistachio frangipane. It looked so delicious i lost sleep over it. As i was laying in bed awake i flipped through the pages of Pierre Hermé’s chocolate book and […]


The perfect chocolate soufflé

Chocolate soufflé is the ultimate chocolate dessert, yet people shy away from it because of all the last-minute work and the fear it won’t rise. Even some experienced home cooks i know are afraid of soufflés and claim this dainty dish is difficult to make, susceptible to colds, drafts, applauds or maybe even poltergeists. As a kid, […]


Gianduja Molten Cake with Hazelnut Gelato & Brittle

I know what you’re thinking. Molten chocolate cakes are so 1999 and yet it seems every restaurant in every corner of the world has some version or other on their menu. Sometimes you just wish the recipe could be put in a time capsule and sent to space for 10 years or so. Everyone needs […]


Passion-fruit ‘Brulee’ Tart w/ Chocolate Brownie Crust

I don’t know if i should blame it on my French heritage or my Piscean nature but i have a knack for meditating on the small moments and little pleasures of life. Shhh… don’t tell anyone now but I actually enjoy digging my hands in coffee beans, skipping stones and popping bubble wrap. I am […]